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What we know so far about CherryPal

From the Green Gizmo
By angie + June 28th, 2008

Have you ever had a green cherry? Unless you had a misinformed preschool teacher trying to help you relate to Green Eggs and Ham, or the same teacher tried to make everything Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, the answer is probably no. A new computer company is hoping to change that.

CherryPal is bringing a couple of these strange fruit to market this Fall. The CherryPal laptop and desktop are hoping to find a place in your home with a small quiet physical and carbon footprint.

The CherryPal desktop machine uses 2 watts of energy. No, that wasn’t a mistake. 2 watts. The machine uses 80% fewer components than traditional computers, and is coming to market with a price to match. It’s lean, it’s green, and it’s a cloud computing machine.

This cloud computer will come with only 4 gig of local flash storage and has 256mb of memory. Users will have 50 gig of online storage to use. The operating system is a version of Linux, and the processor is a light 400 mhz.

It remains to be seen how this little 10 ounce marvel will perform, but it’s promising to deliver a low price point and a solid little machine. Will it replace a top of the line graphics platform? Of course not. But how great would it be to unplug that SUV-like desktop when you don’t need it and bike around online or through email with your little CherryPal? And I’m guessing this will settle more than a couple fights about whose turn it is to be on the family computer.

CherryPal is a cool new personal computer producer making affordable, energy efficient, and easy to use cute little gizmos. The ultra-light desktop will run a Linux-based operating system and come out at an ultra-low price point. They are also ultra green and use only 2W of energy.

CherryPax is its operating system. It’s Linux based and designed to be very user friendly. The company that supplied chips for Apple computers designed CherryPal’s triple-core processor. CherryPal uses only one fifth of the components of traditional computers, which means less industrial waste producing the things.

With no moving parts, the computer is completely silent and very durable. The processor architecture takes advantage of new cloud computing so that users have 50GB of online and 4GB internal solid state storage. So it’s obviously at its best when it’s online.

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one of these cute little desktops to put it through its paces. They will also have a super inexpensive laptop.

With an anticpated extremely low price point, Cherry Pal looks to be a good alternative for students and anyone who isn’t a power user. Obviously this isn’t going to be a mega-graphics machine, but would be a good alternative for mom who just sends email and shops online, or a second computer to keep the kids from fighting over whose turn it is to be online.


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