Sunday, July 6, 2008

1st "Green" computer coming soon

So I know that many of you out there may just skim through the different news posts, but this one is really worth a read. As I was browsing around the internet, as so many of us do, I came across an ad that caught my eye. Sometime in late July, a totally "Green" computer called the CherryPal is going to launch, and it looks to be pretty neat.With no actual moving parts or any of that, it can deliver the power of a standard computer that is out on the market right now, all for a very low cost to both your wallet and the environment. Read on for some more details and a better picture of the unit.

Well the unit (pictured below) is called the CherryPal, and it looks to be the future, or what I hope is the future. This little guy is supposedly comparable to that of a Macbook or standard Dell computer. While you will not be playing Crysis on this little black box, you will be able to do pretty much everything else quite well. The CherryPal is ideal for anyone who wants a no-hassle, no-software upgrades, no-virus computer experience.

The company that created chips for Apple computers has developed CherryPal's triple-core processor. By combining multiple computer chips onto one, CherryPal not only reduces the cost of manufacturing computers, they also reduce the amount of power needed to run them. The computers are so energy efficient that they require only 2W of power to run. Also, the CherryPal has no moving parts, so the computer is completely silent and very durable. CherryPal's operating system is strongly tied to the ideas of cloud computing—where applications are hosted remotely and accessed over the Internet. Users will be given 4GB of flash-based solid state internal storage and additional online storage.


Jack Campbell said...

Interesting. My name is Jack Campbell. Actually, I am the guy who developed this new mini PowerPC platform, working as the Vice President/Strategic Development for Tsinghua Tongfang (yes, in China), leading an R&D project pairing our team with a team at Freescale in Austin. I would be happy to discuss the platform with anyone interested, via email at -- including the other products part of this line, thus far not mentioned by Seybold's outfit.

Max Seybold did *not* develop anything at all. This is an OEM project within THTF/Shenzhen, and Seybold has merely picked up the line and had "CherryPal" painted on the top. The THTF name for the line is LimePC. Search CES 2008 LimePC and learn about the roots of the project. Again, I originally conceived of and managed the development of this entire hardware and software line.

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