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Green News with a Cherry on top!


vendor of ultra-low cost (price of an iPod),
highly energy efficient (very green),
super fast (same performance characteristics as a $3,000 Mac or PC),
new generation of desktop/laptop computers.

  • inexpensive
  • green
  • user-friendly
  • open

open source software applications
open communications with users to share ideas and influence the roadmap of future product releases

consumer desktop/laptop
success story: a company that believes in sustainable living

Be the first one on your block to own one!

I can't wait to get my Cherry Pal and share with you my experience of using it. Here's all I know about it:

"CherryPal has a unique brand identity of being affordable, green and energy efficient, and easy to use. Not only will our desktops be priced at $199 and our laptops priced at $299, but our computers are also extremely energy efficient and use only 2W of energy. The operating system is designed to be completely user friendly with no need to download updates or buy any extra software.

The company that supplied chips for Apple computers designs CherryPal’s triple-core processor. CherryPal uses only one fifth of the components of traditional computers. With no moving parts, the computer is completely silent and very durable. The innovative processor architecture utilizes cloud computing so that users have 50GB of online and 4GB internal solid state storage.

The CherryPal laptop will have a larger form factor compared to the Asus Eee PC. The 14.1 inch screen, cheaper price, and increased storage options will allow us to compete with other manufacturers such as Asus. The operating system is completely browser oriented – programs/tasks are launched through the browser. The desktop will be even cheaper and has an incredibly small form factor (4 x 6 x 1.3 inches – about the size of a paperback novel). Our key selling points aren’t just price, form factor and hardware; the linux operating system is intuitive and a more user-friendly alternative to Windows or Mac OS.

We hope CherryPal will force companies and our society today to reevaluate where we can conserve energy.

As for OLPC, in the future we hope to also provide computers to developing countries or sell our CherryPals for extremely low prices (cheaper than $100) to help developing countries and the world’s underprivileged children."

Get your Cherry Pal computer from this blog - come back to get the code!

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