Monday, July 28, 2008

Low-Power, High-Functionality PowerPC Computing

From Jack Campbell's About Jack website:


In early 2007 I was approached by executives with Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. to help the company with its next-generation multimedia and PC product plans. In mid-2007 I actually accepted a full-time job with THTF in their Shenzhen R&D center, as Vice President, Strategic Development.

My primary mission was to develop an entirely new line of personal computers for the company to show at the CES exhibition in January 2008. The idea was to show products that would be uniquely positioned for success in the United States and European markets. My approach was to locate a microprocessor no other PC maker was using, create a hardware platform in sizes and with feature sets unlike any others, and create an all-new operating system approach, one aimed at leveraging Web 2.0 technologies in a localhost environment.

Lime PC Is Born

By driving THTF's R&D division of about 80 full-time engineers, and working in close partnership with Freescale's Austin, Texas engineering team, I was able to manage this project to a successful showing at CES of a new mini desktop PC, three handheld PCs, a combo TV-PC, and a new flat screen display, all under the LimePC brand. The unexpected market reentry of a PowerPC based platform drew an amazing response at CES. And, THTF has since moved along to make many OEM deals based on the platform I created for them.

CherryPal Strikes A Deal

Recently, Max Seybold has begun buying the little desktop system I created from THTF and reselling it here in the United States under his new CherryPal brand. It is always fun to see the products I create find market success, and I hope Max all the best in his efforts. I will only say it is a shame he has elected to not use the advanced software platform and the hard disk based product version that I created; instead, adopting a browser-based approach that I and my team rejected very early in our project as being completely unmarketable. Maybe Max will call, and we can get the right software platform on his box... the one actually designed to go there.

In any case, this was a fun project, and resulted in a truly world-changing new low-cost personal computer platform being birthed. You can see a few photos of the products and our CES booth here on this page, and you can see the simplified CherryPal offering here.


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