Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CherryPal's green cloud computer

“Today you can find green food…green power…so why on earth hasn’t someone created an inexpensive green computer?” So goes the flash ad on CherryPal’s website announcing the August 4th arrival of what CherryPal CEO Max Seybold calls “the most affordable, greenest computer on the market.”

Running on just 2W of energy the CherryPal utilizes a 400 Mhz Freescale processor (not to be compared to AMD or Intel chips since the whole platform is different). Many are skeptical about the speed of the computer, but Seybold promises that the 10.5 oz computer can boot in 20 seconds and speed through applications utilizing its cloud networked software delivery system.

The CherryPal folks have stripped 80% of the normal PC innards, resulting in a simple machine about the size of a paperback. The computer will run on a Linux based operating system and will include 2 USB ports,256 MB DDR, Wifi connectivity, 4GB of internal storage, and 50GB of online storage.

Some remain skeptical that the system will deliver the speed, storage, and functions that users want. The Register, for instance, asks how iTunes would work on a system that only has 4GB of internal storage. An important question since CherryPal is targeted to a young, environmentally conscious audience that may still be reluctant to give up their iPods.

Until CherryPal releases its demonstration models of the desktop in a few weeks all is speculation. For now this is certainly a product worth watching.


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