Friday, December 5, 2008

Actual Pictures of my CherryPal

A blog reader requested pictures of my CherryPal and here they are, taken with my phone.

You can see the black box it arrived in that has the picture of it on the outside, a close up of the CherryPal sitting on the box, hooked to the monitor and power supply, and the CherryPal sitting on the keyboard so you can see the comparative size of it.

Took my CheryPal out to a cafe!

So I thought it would be interesting to see just how portable this device is. Yes, it is tiny and hand held, but that's before you add the monitor, keyboard and mouse peripherals.

So I loaded everything into my black HBO duffle bag. The keyboard is weightless and it would have fit into a messenger bag if not for the fact that my flat screen monitor is of the desktop variety, and not the smallest, slimmest available.

Cafe Roma is in UC Berkeley territory, and there is a back room where people can sit for hours working, studying, reading, without being disturbed. I have been there for live performances in this back room as well.

So I chose a table next to the wall where there was a 3 prong outlet, necessary for my monitor. Of course the CherryPal requires electricity, but only a 2 prong. (Note to self- place a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter in my bag for future CherryPal outings.)

I felt like a magician pulling out my bag of tricks, wires and peripherals in front of an audience. It is funny that the CherryPal itself is so non-intrusive. I was pleased that I had both a full size keyboard and monitor for much more comfort.

Some places provide the monitor for hooking up your laptop - and so now I have a new opportunity to explore conducive CherryPal locations outside my office.

I did explore the word processing program briefly. I plan to blog directly on location from my CherryPal for future posts!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Received my Username and Password!

Ok - just to manage some expectations here:

There is no huge organization behind the CherryPal from my direct experience.

Max Seybold is answering emails personally and recently said:

"At the Brand Angel party July 3rd I clearly stated that the success of CherryPal's design principles (building the same product, though, lower energy consumption and much cheaper) is much more important to me than the success of CherryPal (the company) itself. Don't get me wrong, I am fully commited to making CherryPal successful.

CherryPal evolved from a project to a company just recently. We are not a multi-billion dollar company. We don't have budget nor desire to put any spin on what's going on. It is what it is."

So, it goes that I received my username and password,
and my 2 colleagues and I are working to get the keyboard, mouse and CherryPal all communicating...

We plug in the username, the password, and a desktop comes up that has icons for
Home, Trash and File System.


Plugged in My CherryPal, and...GNOME?

So I immediately plugged in my CherryPal to the electricity and plugged in my waiting monitor.

On the screen, the CherryPal logo appeared!!!!
Yeah, I'm in now, finally, after all these months -
then I saw a small box appear that said

"GNOME Desktop Manager"

across the top, in a gold color, with the following horizontal menu underneath:

"Session / Language / Actions / Sun, Jan 13 4:21 AM"

(followed by:)

and box to fill in a username followed by:

Please enter your user name."

I thought that this related to the monitor as it has been around for about 7 years and originally belonged to an HP sys admin who may have swiped it before selling it to me...

So, I went out to Radio Shack with the intention of purchasing a PS/2 Female to USB-A Port Adapter to plug in my keyboard to one of the USB ports. I thought I would need two of them or else a USB mouse, and decided to purchase a cordless keyboard and mouse for $29.00 (Logitech Cordless Desktop EX100).

I put batteries into keyboard and mouse (included in box), plugged in my CherryPal (there is no on or off switch), and voila! CherryPall logo appears on screen and a connection bar (much like sending an email via cell phone) appears - then,

GNOME Desktop Manager...


Max had said that there should have been a one page start up sheet included in the box. I did not get anything other than a small tshirt (thank you!) in the box with the cardboard packaging and the foam pocket on the CherryPal unit.

More to come...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CherryPal At My Front Door!!!!

It arrived!  

In a small, black cardboard box with a picture of the CherryPal on the outside.
I'm openning it - It is soooo tiny - like a compact make-up case.

It is even smaller than a paperback book - its the size of a handheld Nintendo GameBoy - the original ones - about the size of the Nintendo DS (dual screen).  If you take a standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch  peice of printer paper and fold it in half, it is smaller than that.

I've plugged in my monitor, which goes directly into the back.  I went to plug in my keyboard, but found I need a USB connector to plug it into the CherryPal...there are 2 USB ports available - which means one for the keyboard and one for the mouse.  It only came with a cord to plug it into the wall.  I'll also need a phone connection, as there is a port for a phone jack.

There is no literature, no user manual, no directions, NADA...

I thought I was prepared with everything I needed, but guess its off to Radio Shack for my USB connector for the keyboard and mouse.

More to come in the new adventures of plugging in my CherryPal!

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