Saturday, July 12, 2008

In anticipation of the taste of a CherryPal

Pick me - I want to be free!
Free me, Free me first!!
Release me from the tyranny of Microsoft, Apple, power-hungry desktops, and expensive laptops!!!
Save me from the upgrades, downloads, viruses, worms, crashes, costs and liabilities of my present personal computer addiction!!!!

Will we see it in July?
Will it come in August?
When will I be free?

Such are the thoughts of one who is dreaming of getting their hands on the currently elusive, much touted, CherryPal hand-held, cloud computing, environmentally and user-friendly, intended to be ubiquitous, little box...

I've scoured the Internet looking for every mention, utterance, opinion and inkling of new information about the CherryPal...

I've responded to emails, answered questions, read the posts, thrown up a blog, shlepped to MountainView, joined the facebook, followed the twitter, written on walls, worn the tshirt, stuck on the sticker...

What more can I do?

I can write about my anticipation, add lame commentary, and fill up space and time while looking up into the sky...

"Ok, ok," you say, "Don't bounce. Ya gotta have a little faith, man. Like patience or sumtin..."

Right on....
More will be revealed
Up in the clouds or down on the floor
Where-ever it is, man,
I want more
and now

Just don't ever let me hear you say that you want a Cherry to be your Pal, because it is, man, it is...


About CherryPal for Everyone (CP4Every1 or CPFE)

CP4Every1 is constantly crawling the web (on human hands and knees) to find unique information of value regarding green technology, cheap and reliable connectivity, personal, portable and sustainable industry developments, future and social/cultural transformative technology, political relevance and news that is NOT just another re-posting of the same press release pushed out by the industry.

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