Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CherryPal At My Front Door!!!!

It arrived!  

In a small, black cardboard box with a picture of the CherryPal on the outside.
I'm openning it - It is soooo tiny - like a compact make-up case.

It is even smaller than a paperback book - its the size of a handheld Nintendo GameBoy - the original ones - about the size of the Nintendo DS (dual screen).  If you take a standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch  peice of printer paper and fold it in half, it is smaller than that.

I've plugged in my monitor, which goes directly into the back.  I went to plug in my keyboard, but found I need a USB connector to plug it into the CherryPal...there are 2 USB ports available - which means one for the keyboard and one for the mouse.  It only came with a cord to plug it into the wall.  I'll also need a phone connection, as there is a port for a phone jack.

There is no literature, no user manual, no directions, NADA...

I thought I was prepared with everything I needed, but guess its off to Radio Shack for my USB connector for the keyboard and mouse.

More to come in the new adventures of plugging in my CherryPal!
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