Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Future of Cloud Computing; Cloud Computing Is The Future

Peter Bell, a general partner at Highland Capital, gives Forbes a wonderful interview on all things cloud computing. Read the whole thing.

Cloud computing isn't just hype. "There will be a lot of carnage. But there will be some good companies that emerge, similar to Web 2.0. Was Web 2.0 a buzzword? Yes. But when you look at Facebook or MySpace or Gmail, there's pretty significant value there."

Your concerns are real. "If you have a cloud and it fails, there isn't anyone to call. That may be OK if you're bootstrapping your operation, because you may be able to recreate your infrastructure. But as you get into mission-critical or more established business, there will need to be multiple levels of solutions."

Start-ups should be looking to be adopted by larger platforms."There are too many companies looking for 10% of the market. What we're looking for are a couple things. There has to be enough value in the features they offer or in their subcontractor capabilities that customers will demand those features or capabilities. If management capabilities are optimized for the cloud, then the customer will tell the likes of IBM that they need to include it."

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