Tuesday, August 26, 2008

California Schools Reduce Carbon Footprint with NComputing

By Anuradha Shukla
TMCnet Contributing Editor

Dublin Unified School District in California reportedly has deployed NComputing low-cost virtual desktops in its classrooms in order to provide affordable computer access to students.

In addition to reducing the effective teacher-to-student ratio in classes and improving the way teachers engage with students, NComputing’s ultra-efficient technology has also reduced Dublin’s computing systems carbon footprint by more than 90 percent. Also, by using Ncomputing X300 virtual desktops, Dublin has expanded PC access for as little as $70 per student.

Stephen Dukker, chairman and chief executive officer of Ncomputing, said that when the student-to-PC ratio moves from about 9:1 to 3:1, it makes sense to get the computers out of the labs and into the classrooms. He said that once there are enough computing stations in each classroom, the teachers can personalize lesson plans, be more productive, and better engage their students.

With NComputing technology, many classrooms in Dublin USD now have two PCs. Each of these PCs uses two NComputing X300 kits to support seven users, putting 14 computing seats in each classroom. Ncomputing has created a 2:1 student-to-computer ratio for the whole class, or 1:1 computing for half of the class.

Tim McCarty, director of technology and information services for Dublin USD during the installation, said that students are much more involved during class due to the increased personal attention they are receiving from teaching staff and are also highly receptive to the use of computers in the classroom setting. He said that affordable desktop virtualization technology is changing the way they teach.

NComputing access devices consume as little as 1 watt per user, versus 115 watts for a PC. Dukker claims that NComputing is delivering so-called “green” computing. He said that at just 1 watt, it uses less electricity than a night light.

“We are heartened that the Sundance Channel and others are recognizing the potential of this solution in helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” he said.

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, NComputing is a privately held virtualization software and hardware company, founded with the goal of making desktop computing affordable for everyone. The company recently announced that over 250 colleges and universities across the country have deployed NComputing solutions to get the most out of their PC investment, cut support and maintenance costs by as much as 80 percent, and save electricity to help comply with aggressive green initiatives.

Anuradha Shukla is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Anuradha’s article, please visit her columnist page.

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